Core Strength for Improved Life

Stay Active for a Full Life

The level of our core strength determines what activities we can accomplish such as standing with stability on two feet, walking (w/o assist), sit-to-stand, reaching in to a cupboard, getting out of bed.

Is this all you want to accomplish?

I didn’t think so…

The Dream for an Improved Life

Now, with a stronger core, what further activities would you like to do with confidence?

Throw a ball around with the grand kids or great grand kids?

Walk with a skip to your step?

Take in the sights beyond your feet?

Walk a nature trail with a rough surface, climb a hill, look up in to our beautiful skies with good balance?

Get up off of the floor?

Exercise from a standing position?

Oh, now you can do all of those yoga poses since those require you to be on the floor which will then lead you to even a stronger core!

If we could only imagine!

Yes, we can.

Maybe its different things that you’d like to achieve in order to enjoy life to its fullest. It’s fun to envision those things which can be very motivating too!


Strong Core For Life

Achieving a strong core is strongly suggested prior to weight bearing exercises. We need to look at our core as a firm foundation. Without a strong core, we’re more apt to cause muscle imbalances which may result in injury.

My approach to Personal Training for is a bit different than most. I’m a firm believer in strengthening core first.

My exercise program would include the following steps:

Postural Assessment (This will tell me a lot about level of core strength)

Movement Assessment (helps to identify muscle imbalances)

Phase 1 – Development of core strength via core and balance exercises

Phase 2 – Strength exercises including body weight resistance, resistance bands, and light weights to further improve core and even out those muscle imbalances where identified.

Phase 3 – Reassessments to make sure we’re making improvements.

When you train the core to work with in harmony with the rest of your body movement becomes easier and more coordinated. Who doesn't want that?