Corrective Exercise

Improve Your Core Strength With Corrective Exercises

Then you can start a custom fitness program in the La Center, WA and Vancouver, WA areas

Think of your body like a house: It requires a strong, stable foundation to support the entire structure. A weak core can cause poor posture and muscular imbalances, but postural exercises can help you get everything back in alignment.

Veronica Davis, the corrective exercise specialist at InSync Fitness based in La Center, WA, can assess your core strength to see where you're at. We can then recommend exercises that will help...

Stabilize your core
Reduce your risk of injury
Improve your balance and posture

Our initial sessions will incorporate a corrective set of exercises until the identified misalignment has been corrected. We will then put you on a custom strength training program. Reach out to us now for exercise recommendations.

You are more than your ailment

To develop a personalized corrective exercise program, we'll need to know what condition or illness you're dealing with. We'd also like to know your story and background so we can get to know you better.

Call 360-601-1487 now to schedule an in-home visit in the La Center, WA and Vancouver, WA areas.