Personal Training

Work Out With a Personal Trainer at Home in the La Center, WA and Vancouver, WA areas

InSync Fitness offers convenient personal training programs

Everyone needs to exercise regularly, but many people with mobility issues can't work out at a gym. That's where personal trainers for seniors come in. Veronica Davis, the owner of InSync Fitness in the La Center, WA and Vancouver, WA areas, can work with you at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

We'll first conduct an assessment, so be prepared to answer questions like...

  • Do you have trouble balancing, reaching high shelves or picking up heavy objects?
  • Do you suffer from chronic health issues or a degenerative condition?
  • What do you want to get out of your personal training program?

We'll then develop a custom fitness plan that might include...

  • Light cardio
  • Core strength exercises
  • Balance, flexibility or resistance training

Contact us today to start developing an exercise routine with a certified personal trainer in the La Center, WA and Vancouver, WA areas.

We'll help you track your progress

People who want accountability often hire personal trainers for seniors. We can provide week-by-week updates so you know how you're improving.

If we're seeing little improvement in a particular area, we can adjust your exercise routine accordingly. Otherwise, we'll continue to follow your personal training program. Let us know if you've got questions.