Why Balance Training Should Be a Daily Focus

Seniors practicing balance on stability balls

Balance exercises can prevent everyday injuries through core strength. We have a tendency to think that good balance is the result of strong abdominal muscles and that’s it…we’re now good to go! But, it’s so much more.


Balance For a Good Life


Balance begins in your core. The core is more than just the abdomen -it’s strong hips, ankles and gluteal muscles too. All of these muscle groups are critical to good balance. People with weak core muscles are more prone to falls, have decreased mobility in the spine. They also have slower reflexes and are more prone to lower back injuries.


Good balance can also support our mental clarity and ease anxiety. Researchers concluded that those who took part in balance exercises had greater cognitive gains than those who did not.


4 Exercises for Balance


These exercises also ease anxiety by encouraging us to remain in the present moment. We can build our balance by:

Be a Tree- Stand on one foot for at least 30 seconds, and then switch.(Make sure to be close to a support if you need it)

Have a Ball- Sit on a stability ball with your feet planted flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Lift and extend one leg at a time, while simultaneously raising your opposing arm to shoulder-level

Leg Swing- Start by standing with your arms at your sides and feet shoulder-width apart. Lift one leg to a 45-degree angle and swing it back and forth at least 10 times before switching. 

Drinking Bird- Begin by standing on one leg with lifted leg at a 45-degree angle. Bending at the waist, lean forward to touch the ground. Then, with one hand touch the ground. I’ve also included a short video to include a few more simple balance exercises to challenge ourselves with 

One set of the exercises listed above will take about 5 minutes.


Dedicate 5-15 minutes per day and you will see the benefits in less than 2 weeks.


Challenge Yourself for a Stronger Core


Our level of balance is based on our ability to move away from our center with varying motions (lunging, running, jumping, reaching, etc..). The more we work on our balance the stronger our core will be and the less apt injury or falls will result.


Balance is key to all functional movement over the course of our days thus everyone should be including it in their exercise routine every day!  I say it’s priority. It is so easy. How much time do you think it takes out of our day?  At minimum 5 minutes, right?  And, throughout your day, how about standing on one foot instead of two while cooking, standing in line, taking a break from desk work, single leg hop, etc. Shake it up and have fun with it!  Think of all of the energy that will produce too!  Benefits galore!   


Join Me for A New Year’s Balance Group


How about making this a part of our New Year’s resolution?  5 mins to start out our days on the right foot!  Or maybe the left!  Haha!  Gotta have a little fun with a play on words.


How many of you would consider being a part of an online balance challenge?  I’d love to facilitate that in order to help create a habit for you all!


Just drop me a line at veronica@insync-fitness.com if there’s interest.

Thanks for your time and here’s to Happy and Healthy 2019!

Blessings to All!